Anxiety Treatment

Individualized Treatment and Multiple Therapy Sessions with our Team of Counselors

Indiana Anxiety Treatment Center

Anxiety and addiction often occur together. For people who suffer from anxiety worry and fear are constant and overwhelming. Anxiety is also a physical experience, resulting in shortness of breath, a racing heart, sweating, light-headedness, muscle pain, or nausea. Our staff understand and can help clients to identify the sources of their anxiety and develop strategies to adaptively respond to triggers.  Our treatment model allows clients to be exposed to everyday stresses and potential triggers to promote growth in the face of adversity when clinically appropriate.

Individual Psychotherapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is considered a first-line treatment, and one of the most effective modalities available for anxiety disorders.  This modality seeks to recognize, interrupt, and restructure the negative thought patterns associated with anxiety.  Clients are then be empowered to refocuses energy on adaptive coping strategies.

Group Therapy

Group therapy offers individuals with anxiety the opportunity to learn to manage their symptoms through exposure to social interactions.  For those suffering from social anxiety, the concept of group therapy may seem very intimidating.  We understand this concern. Our treatment environment is a welcoming space free from judgment.


Anti-anxiety medication may be used to help manage symptoms while you are in treatment.  Our psychiatrist will work with you to find an appropriate medication protocol while you develop internal control strategies to manage the re-occurrence of anxiety symptoms.

Holistic Care

Yoga and meditation can help individuals suffering from anxiety to gain control over racing thoughts, quieting their mind. Diaphragmatic breathing is used as a tool to manage the physiological reactions that occur during severe anxiety and panic episodes to restore a sense of calm.

Massage is available on an individual basis for those who may want to explore this as an alternative relaxation practice.

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